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How it works

SimpleSmile® complete teeth whitening kit contains everything you need to whiten your teeth at home quickly, easily and with guaranteed results. A treatment takes only 15 minutes and you repeat the treatment for 14 days, or until you have the whiteness you want. SimpleSmile® teeth whitening gel is completely free of peroxides and thanks to several active ingredients, the whitening process takes place completely naturally by releasing oxygen inside the dentin, which then has a whitening effect on the teeth. The teeth whitening gel is effective and at the same time completely free from side effects.

For a whiter smile – fast, easy and completely safe!

For a successful result

The number of treatments required before the desired result is achieved is individual. The result varies depending on the discoloration of the teeth and genetic conditions. Note that veneers, repairs and other dental work will not fade. Repeat the treatment until the desired result is achieved. For best results, we recommend completing the entire treatment.

Step by step

SimpleSmile step by step
Step 1. Shape the mouth tray. Hold the tray by the tab and dip into water at a temperature of 80 °C for 2–3 seconds until it is malleable.
Brush your teeth gently without toothpaste before each treatment.
Using the syringe, apply a small line of gel to the mouth tray.
Leave on your teeth for 15 minutes.
Brush your teeth without toothpaste.
Repeat the treatment once a day for 10 days or until you are satisfied with the results.
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